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Easy Edible Play dough

Did you ever know that some toys and some fun things can be eaten? Did you know that they are safe for human consumption? KidZyz is happy to say that yes, there are toys and fun stuff that are edible and safe to eat. But what if you can eat your dough? It could be fun, right? KidZyz is glad to share with you the recipe for edible play-dough. After you play with your friends and make 3D food art with them using your dough, you can actually eat the dough after as your snack! So, read on.
What you need?
  • Plain Flour 250g
  • Salt 150g
  • Hot Water 160ml
  • Vegetable Oil 30 ml
  • Glycerine (Optional)
  • Essential Oil (Optional)
  • Food Colouring (Store-bought or DIY)

Measure all ingredients into a bowl and knead until mixedwell.
If making multiple colours, divide the dough and few drops to each portion.


Upto 6 months if stored in a air-tight container or Ziplock after every use.


Mixing the food colour with water before adding to the other ingredients helps with even colour. Glycerine adds a bit of stretch and shining. Add essential oils only if you want a scented dough.

Click Here to download recipe card.
Edible playdough recipe
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