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Glitter Slime

Slime in itself is so much fun, right? It’s gooey, cold to touch, and colorful. Therefore, it’s super fun to play with, especially with friends! But what if you mix slime with glitter? What if your slime is filled with glittery specks? Wouldn’t it be more fun and amazing? Of course, it will be! Here is an easy recipe for glitter slime, which you can do with your friends and family! Level up your slime fun with glitter slime! Read on and enjoy.
What you need?
  • Elmer’s clear glue 225g
  • Fine Glitter of your choice
  • Borax 15g
  • Water 470ml

Combine borax with 235 ml water until dissolved. In a separate bowl, combine the glue, glitter and 235ml water. Mix well and now slowly add the borax mixture. Knead well with two hands until you are happy eith the texture.


Upto one month if stored in a air-tight container or Ziplock after every use. Can be stored longer if refrigerated.


Instead of kneading, add the final mixture in a container, shake vigorously until the slime is formed. THis will take about 5 mins.

You can use the Elmer’s glitter glue instead of clear glue and glitter.

Click Here to download recipe card.
Glitter Slime Recipe
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