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Natural Face Paint Recipe

Are you attending a costume party? Or are you part of the school play, and you have to do some elaborate makeup to be in character? It can be challenging, right? But you know what’s great? Here’s the great news: KidZyz presents the quick and easy recipe for natural face paint here on this blog! Amazing, right? You don’t have to buy expensive synthetic face makeup anymore. Instead, you can create your own natural face paint at home with your family. So, read on!
What you need?
  • Arrowroot Flour 60g
  • Body Lotion 60g
  • Coconut Oil 20 ml
  • Food Colouring

Measure flour, lotion, oil and mix together. Separate in small containers and add colours of your choice.Mix well and use.


Can be stores for up to 3 months if not contaminated.


Make sure use clean and dry brush every time and prevent moisture.

Click Here to download recipe card.
Face Paint Recipe
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