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No Cook Finger Paint

KidZyz is happy to share with you the easy and simple recipe for making no-cook finger paint! Making finger paint has never been so fun, and you can do this while spending time with your family and friends as well. Finger painting is exciting to do because you only use your fingers to do them. Isn’t it amazing? You can paint various images and shapes like houses, trees, animals, flowers, plants, and many more. Why not go ahead and do it now? Read on!
What you need?
  • Yoghurt
  • Food Colouring (Store-bought or DIY)

Whisk the yoghurt until smooth and add few drops of food colouring


tore in fridge as per expiry date of yoghurt.


Make sure to use clean spoon and use little paint at a time and do not touch the leftover paint to ensure the yoghurt doesn’t get spoiled.

Click Here to download recipe card.
No cook Finger Paint
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