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Art Supplies

Famous artist Jackson Pollock once said, “Painting is self-discovery. A good artist paints what he is.” Art is truly amazing! It is a reflection of who a person is. Here are KidZyz, our love for kids is very evident in our love for art. We believe that a child’s active, happy, and fun-loving character can be stimulated and nourished through art and craft in order to achieve optimum learning and creativity.

That is why here at KidZyz, we offer only the best and high-grade art supplies that your kids will surely enjoy. These include glass paint kits, mini paint sets, and paint brushes. A glass paint kit contains a complete set of glass images or pictures and paint tubes of various colors. A mini paint set contains several colors of acrylic paint in small pots or containers. A brush set contains various types of paint brushes that can be used for different kinds of art.

Pro Tip: If you’re conducting an art activity, make sure to count your guests so you can provide them all with complete sets of art supplies including paint sets and paint brushes.

Unleash the artist in your kids with these high-quality and affordable art supplies!

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