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Glass Painting

Glass Painting and suncatchers. What could be better and more exciting than paper painting? Yes, it’s glass painting! Glass painting is a new way of art and painting because instead of painting colours on paper or canvas, you’re painting on glass. The glass is usually formed to portray fun images of cartoon characters, princes and princesses, fairies, cars, animals, superheroes, toys, and many more. It’s also very versatile because after painting the glass, it can be tied to a string and hanged on a wall or a fixture or it can be used to accentuate your decorations at home or at school.

OHP sheets and acrylic suncatchers are available for use with glass painting by kids.

Here at KidZyz, we love glass painting and we provide you with glass painting materials that are durable, beautiful, and affordable. We offer various art and craft including glass paint kit, glass painting party pack, glass painting return gift, and sun catcher glass painting kit.

Pro Tip: If you’re decorating your Christmas tree during holiday season, you and your kids can make glass paintings and use the resulting crafts as tree adornments. Everyone will surely appreciate and love your decorations!

If you want something unique and usable, why don’t you let your kids have fun in trying glass painting?