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Plaster Painting

Imagine painting on a 3D object or mini-sculpture. Amazing, right? You can simply do that through plaster painting. A plaster is a building material that can used for molding and casting decorative things or materials. Plaster have other industrial uses, too. But we will focus on the art aspect of plaster. Once the plaster is dry and hard, it can be painted on with colorful acrylic paints. And the result? A beautiful and unique 3D art – Plaster Painting

KidZyz love celebrating uniqueness, especially in art and craft. Here, we offer various plaster painting supplies – from a wide array of plaster designs, to paints and brushes, to party packs and return gifts. We assure you that these products are safe, durable, and high-quality. Every kid and every one can create an unique 3D art through plaster painting.

Pro Tip: When doing plaster painting, make sure you cover the table or surface that you will be working on while you paint, so you don’t commit the mistake of accidentally painting on your furniture.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of 3D art and painting with plaster painting!

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