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Sand Art

Do you know why kids love sand art? Because it is fun! This art can be enjoyed by both parents and children because of its versatility and playfulness. KidZyz provides you with a wide range of coloured sand, sand art bottles, sand art cards, sand art party packs, sand art return gifts, and sand art trial packs to pick from. All of these are made from high-quality and safe materials, which will surely level up your sand art. Also, these can be used for home activity, birthday celebration, fete, and holiday park or resort kids club.
A little trivia: Sand art cards are like big sticker pictures separated into sections, which would make up the different parts of a big beautiful image once complete.
Pro Tip: Peel off the plastic cover of the sticker bit by bit and then sprinkle the sticky parts with coloured sand. Remove any excess sand and use dark colours where possible to achieve more vividness. Repeat this process on each section until the final image is complete.
Sand art is truly a unique and exciting art activity that is loved by kids of all ages!