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Scratch Art

Scratch art is the perfect activity to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children. It’s an exciting kind of art and craft because there is a sense of revelation in doing scratch art. How does it go? Each card has rainbow colors and an image that are hidden behind the black scratch layer. In order to scratch it and reveal the rainbow-colored part, children can use bamboo sticks for that process. After scratching the card, it will then reveal the hidden colorful art! A lot like magic, right?

Here at KidZyz, we are amazed by the excitement that scratch art brings and we want to share this with the world. We offer various scratch art supplies that are unique and easy to use, such as scratch art design sheets, scratch art party packs, scratch art plain sheets, and scratch art return gifts.

Pro Tip: In doing scratch art, kids can either do a free-hand art or they can use stencils or templates to make a special art.

Change your game in art and let your kids and their friends have a fun-filled experience in doing scratch art!

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