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Sidewalk chalk paint

KidZyz is glad to teach and help you with how you can create your own sidewalk chalk paint. You can do this with your family and friends so you all can make drawings, paintings, and designs using colorful chalk paint. You can make them in various colors, too, like blue, green, yellow, pink, and many more! Sidewalk chalk painting is always fun to do especially with your family and friends. What are you waiting for? Enjoy and read on!
What you need?
  • Corn Flour 130g
  • Water 320ml
  • Food Colouring (Store-bought or DIY)

Measure flour and water and mix it well. Separate the mixture into small containers and add a drop of food colour of your choice to each container. 


few days if stored in a air-tight container in fridge


Water might get separated after resting for a while. Just shake well before use.

Click Here to download recipe card.
Sidewalk Chalk Paint
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